Monday, October 27, 2008

Wii Bought One!

Ok, after a long time of wanting one and wishing to have one, but thinking Wii really don't need one, Wii finally bought one on Saturday. And Oh My Gosh it is so much fun. We didn't by any extra games just the ones that came with the Wii.

This weekend we went up to Prescott Valley to visit Kyle's sister and they had a Wii so I officially got to try it out (besides racing with Mario at the Best Buy). We played bowling. I was hooked. The next day we were at Target in Prescott and there was one there and we thought about it and decided no, we don't need to get it yet. Then we get down off the mountain and stop at Best Buy and they had more! And we said OK! Let's do it! And we did! And it is so much fun!

Anyway, it was late Saturday evening when we bought it and so we had to get everyone ready for bed and my parents were here to come listen to Drew in his FIRST primary program (he did great by the way, his part, "Adam & Eve were our Dirst (first) parents." He was so cute, I bought him a white shirt and a tie and some black slacks Saturday evening, and my mom trimmed his hair, and he looked like a little missionary) Oh wait, I am talking about the Wii...

So anyway, I didn't get to open it on Saturday. So Sunday afternoon, I know it was Sunday, and I shouldn't have done it, but it was calling my name, so I did it. So while Kyle was napping the kids and I were putting it together. I was reading the instructions and Drew tells me, "Livy's mom can do it." I said, "Oh really, should I call her?" "Yes, mom." But Steph I figured it out on my own, actually it was pretty easy.

Anyway, then we bowled. Kyle was awake by then, so we created 4 Mii's. Drew wanted his Mii to be really tall with a red shirt of course. Jaedyn wanted her Mii to be little so we made hers as little as possible and hers has a little pink bow in her blond hair with a pink shirt. My Mii, of course, wearing a pink shirt and SKINNY. And Kyle' Mii has his goatee.

So we bowled and the family had fun. Jaedyn even got into it. She would think she was doing it and swing her arm and jump up and down and say woo-hoo!

Anyway, so we put the kids to bed, Kyle went to bed and I headed out the door to an adult fireside. Then I came home and decided to try tennis... It was even more fun the bowling, I sucked, but it was so much fun. Then I tried boxing. I did better at that and it was fun too (not as fun as tennis, but it was fun. Anyway, I kept thinking that if anyone could see this 38 year old lady playing the Wii by herself late at night they would have been laughing.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Giving away dishes...

I bought new dishes and I was just going to send these to DI but Kyle wanted me to see if anyone wanted them 1st. So does anyone want these? I have a placement setting for 8 on all the pieces except the dinner dish i think i only have 6. these are very nice dishes from Bed Bath and Beyond. the brand is Sakura Cashual dining by Oneida, they also say Sonoma on the bottom of them.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Autumn time!

It's Autumn time
It's Autumn time
The leaves are falling down!

On Noggin (the preschool channel) they keep talking about it being Autumn and the Fall. So Andrew has been telling me the leaves are falling and he needs to wear a jacket outside (those of you reading this that don't live in the Phoenix area, it is in the 90's here). Anyway, I finally told him that here, in the Valley of the Sun, Fall doesn't come until Winter!

I would LOVE to live somewhere like this! Oh well!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This week has been a better week.

I didn't want to leave anything negative about my boy on the computer! Because he is my boy and I am a little partial to him. I talked to his primary teacher for a while on the phone the other day. She said Drew actually does really good in primary. I had felt bad and was afraid that I had neglected him or something for him to act out like that. She said no, he is actually pretty happy in primary. She said she can tell that he is NOT neglected and that I spend a lot of time with him. She said that most of the time he answers the questions before she even finishes asking them. He loves singing the songs in Primary and he behaves. She said that it actually threw them when he acted up those couple of times in Primary. Anyway, we have really working on things this week and I am hoping to have are Sunday's at church back to normal.Anyway, I took a couple of really cute pictures of the kids this week. They are both from Saturday. It was are turn to babysit and I took a really cute picture of Andrew and his little girlfriend Olivia (Steph, I'll even let you copy the picture and put it on your blog too if you want :0) ). It just really showed there personalities. They have so much fun together and they play really well. The other picture is of Jaedyn (this picture is for you mom) eating her peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a bowl. Just like I use to when i was little. However, she doesn't let me stir the peanut butter and jelly up. Anyway, she loves it this way and doesn't like to have it on bread anymore. She is wearing pony tails in her her and she looks so cute. She is getting so big and she is discovering (or I am discovering) just how much she loves music. She has been telling me lately, music mom, music! She loves to dance and sing along with the music and she has a big grin as she is doing this.

Oh, on another note, we had a special number in sacrament meeting. There is a new return missionary in our ward and he plays the violin. He played a primary medoly in sacrament meeting on Sunday. Drew LOVES the violin. He sat on my lap and just listened and watch the whole time. And then when the guy came to sit back down he set across from us. I think Drew had ants in his pants... He wanted so badly to go say hi and look at his violin, but poor kid, I made him wait until sacrament meeting was over. Anyway, Drew did get to say hi to him and he let Drew look at his violin. It made his day.

Well, Kyle and I are off to my 20 year class reunion this weekend (yes, i am that old). My parents are going to watch the kids for us. However, the kids are going to come to the tailgate party with us. My high school colors are orange and black so we are all going to wear orange and black to the tailgate party. Good thing it is close to Halloween, I found plenty of orange and black. I found some really cute tights at Old Navy for Jaedyn, they are orange and black striped and I am going to make her a really cute orange and black bow to go in her hair. I will take pictures.