Monday, December 14, 2009

Preston Don Christiansen

Two weeks from today, I will be holding my beautiful baby boy in my arms. We are all getting so anxious to meet this little guy. Andrew is so excited to share his room with him and Jaedyn is excited to help out and be a big sister.

We have a c-section scheduled for 12/28, around 4:30 in the afternoon. Grammy, Aunt Chelle along with her kids, and possibly Aunt Tricia will be here for a few days to help out and welcome him in to our new home.

Preston will be sharing his birthday with his older cousin Brycelyn.

Friday, December 11, 2009

I Found a way to be released...

I am in the RS Presidency and Kyle is in the bishopric. We are always joking about finding ways to be released...

So, I am now 36 weeks pregnant. Nothing is comfortable to wear right now. I was in my sweats all day and had to go visiting teaching later that afternoon. I got dressed and put on a skirt and then put on a shirt that I have worn maybe one other time. Glanced in the mirror, everything in place, then I ran to Walmart before I went visiting teaching.

While at Walmart, I am wondering around Walmart and start to rub my oh so pregnant belly when i realize the bottom of my belly is not covered. I am bearing my big pregnant midriff. Yep, the shirt had wandered up as i was walking around. Me, I am horrified and zip my sweater up. Thinking all the while, I am glad no one at church saw me, and that is a quick way to get released.

When, i come home and take my sweater off to show Kyle, he starts laughing and tells me that I am going to show up on that people of walmart website!