Monday, January 21, 2008


we had a fun day today. Kyle decided he wanted to take us up to Crown King and do Geo Caches along the way. With 5 caches, 2 GPS's, and an ice filled with lunches, we headed out. We headed up I17 and turned on Bloody Basin Road (yes, that really is the name of the road, if i knew my history more i could probably tell you why it is called that). We did 4 out of the 5 geocaches along the way and stopped for a picnic too. By time we got to Crown King there was snow on the ground. We let the kids get out and play for a bit and then headed on home, exhausted. Crown King was a cute little town that we had never been too. We stopped in the orignal town of Cordes, named after a man who opened a post office there, and drove through a town called Cleater (what a funny name) not much there, more like old Ghost towns, but still really neat to see. Crown King has cabins and I think people actually live there year round. Anyway, we forgot the camera but took pictures with our camera phones, so i will try to post some later.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Chapter...

I imagine it is going to be very emotional today. I am trying to write my feelings, but I am not sure how to describe them (when I say them, I mean there are a number of them). Tuesday night my husband got a call from a member or the Stake Presidency asking to meet with him on Wednesday night, and as he hung up the phone, he says, "Oh and bring your wife." Oh my gosh!!! A number of things start going through our minds, 1st of course, bishopric (we new there was a vacancy to be filled because they called Bro. King to the High Council of the newly reorganized stake). But as I said our stake is newly reorganized so we thought... High Council? Stake Cannery Specialist?? Stake YM's?? Bishopric?? All these needed to be filled.

We pondered all day the next day, but about an hour before we were to be down there, I really felt strongly that it was the bishopric. Sure enough... my husband is being called to the bishopric. It was a very emotional evening that night. Excitement for my husband, nervous too. Then it dawns on me... I have to sit by myself in sacrament!!! I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 2 year old! Ok, I will find some nice YW to help me out.

Anyway, we are still in aw (if that is what you call it) as we drive home from the church and can't really sleep that night. After a restless sleep and Drew waking up at 3 am, Kyle and I can't sleep anymore. I start getting a stomach ache!!! I am really not all that spiritual!! I know Kyle is up for the challenge, but am I? For some reason I kind of feel like this is a calling for both of us. I am not really bishopric wife material!!! What does this mean for us? Kyle has been Executive Secretary before so he was gone all day Sunday and one night a week. If that is all it entails, I think I can handle it. I guess we will soon find out.

When there are big changes in the ward, I get excited, who is it going to be? Then I start guessing... Are other's in the ward doing the same thing? Did some guess Kyle? I don't put us, or I should say me (like I said before, I know this is Kyle's calling, but I feel like it is a little bit mine as well) on that same level as some of the spiritual giants.

Don't get me wrong, I always knew this would happen for Kyle someday, but when it actually does, all I can say is, "Oh my gosh!" Are we ready now?

Well, church doesn't start till 11:30 and it is 6:48 am right now, so we have a few hours till all of this happens. Kyle's parents will be there and so will mine. My sister Tricia will be there and so will my brother George and his girlfriend Julie. When they set Kyle apart and when Kyle's dad makes Kyle a High Priest in the Melchizedek Priesthood, I want Andrew and Jaedyn to be in there. I know they will not understand, but I am hoping they will know that something important is happening with their dad today. Anyway, as most people know how I am, I am getting emotional about this right now.

Well, I will write more this evening...

Go and do: Well Kyle is officially in the bishopric. Everyone sustained him, they set him apart after sacrament and as they were whisking him away, they asked if I had a way to get home after church. Ok, so it wasn't that crazy. My brother told me, "Congrats, Church widow" after sacrament, I laughed, ok, whatever. I had no idea how true that is!!! Sister Carmicheal (bishop's wife) came over and said if I need anything to let her know. I told her I might be finding the YW to help me in sacrament meeting with my two little ones. She smiled and said you do whatever you want!! As i sat in Sunday school by myself, ok, my parent's were there, but I was not snuggling up next to my husband so I might as well be by myself, I thought, it is true, I am going to be a church widow. I was kind of sad. I did get to see him as we were leaving church he came and helped load the kids in the xterra. He was home about an hour and a half later.

Anyway, I say all this and I am kind of sad that he won't be by my side so much on Sunday's, but as I watched him sit up on the stand and take his place next to Bishop, I knew that is were the Lord needed him and he looked like he belonged there. The day really was a neat spiritual experience and as I am typing this up I am starting to cry once again.

Kyle, I love you! I am so proud of you! I know that you will "Go and do" whatever bishop or our Heavenly Father needs you to do.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Jaedyn

Well, I can’t believe our baby girl is 2 years old. She is growing so quickly. She had a great day on January 2nd. She got a new bike, and some new clothes and 3 pairs of shoes (she had to try on each pair as she got them). After we put the bike together, we all headed out to the front of our house while she and Andrew and dad road their bikes around. She felt like such a big girl. After we came in and had cake. YUM!!