Monday, January 21, 2008


we had a fun day today. Kyle decided he wanted to take us up to Crown King and do Geo Caches along the way. With 5 caches, 2 GPS's, and an ice filled with lunches, we headed out. We headed up I17 and turned on Bloody Basin Road (yes, that really is the name of the road, if i knew my history more i could probably tell you why it is called that). We did 4 out of the 5 geocaches along the way and stopped for a picnic too. By time we got to Crown King there was snow on the ground. We let the kids get out and play for a bit and then headed on home, exhausted. Crown King was a cute little town that we had never been too. We stopped in the orignal town of Cordes, named after a man who opened a post office there, and drove through a town called Cleater (what a funny name) not much there, more like old Ghost towns, but still really neat to see. Crown King has cabins and I think people actually live there year round. Anyway, we forgot the camera but took pictures with our camera phones, so i will try to post some later.

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Margo said...

So when I was going to EA I was dating this guy and we walked by EA's sign and it said MLK day on it. As his response to that it..."What the heck is Milk day?" I dated some smart ones!!! Glad you had a fun day.I have gone geocaching with Mitzi, it is so much fun!!!