Saturday, February 2, 2008

Follow the Prohet

A tribute to our beloved Prophet, Gordon B Hinckley. He will be missed. I never met the prophet but I felt like I knew him personally. He really had a knack for doing that as he spoke over the pulpit, he made you feel like he knew you and loved you personally. If you haven't read his biography by Sheri Dew, take the time to read it, you really get to know this great prophet of ours. Below is a link of videos paying tribute to him.


Rachel Evans said...

I love Pres Hinkley! He just makes you want to be a better person. His "Be" talk had a really big effect on my life! Did you know that there were protesters at his funeral. Crazy, right? I wonder who they will put in his place.

Heidi said...

Chica bandita - I tagged you on my blog! Go see what you have to do now!