Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Drew!!! FOUR reasons why I love Drew

To my sweet 4 year old boy! One of my greatest blessings! I can't believe my oldest is 4 years old. If these next 4 years go as fast as these 1st 4 years of his life then tomorrow he will be turning 8 years old and getting baptized. He has taught me so much and has brought so much joy to our family! I love you Drewbie Doo!

Four Reasons I love Drew

1. I love you for your "Giggle Cookie" eyes that sparkle and dance when you are smiling and laughing.

2. I love that EVERYONE is your friend and that you have no enemies.

3. I love your enthusiasm and excitement for life and for everything around you.

4. I love your hugs and how you like to snuggle with your mom!

Happy Birthday Drew! Have fun with your new fishing pole and all your other neat presents!


KC Photo said...

My son is four! I can't believe it. Time flies by...

Your post made my cry... I love my boy so much! What an amazing blessing he has been in our lives.

Nicole said...

Hi Mela,
I found your link on Margo's page. It is so fun to read about your kids. Josh is turning four in a couple weeks. The time does go fast, I have tried to slow it down but it doesnt's work :) Look for pics of Cynthia's new baby, Brandon on my blog.

Nicole said...

You will have to teach me how to do a cool layout like yours. Send me a link so I can update my blog.


KC Photo said...

I love Drew because he's my boy!!