Monday, July 7, 2008

Mela needs...

Ok, so i saw this on my cousins website (thanks Nicole). You type in your name with the word needs next to it in google and see what comes up. What comes up is pretty funny. Here are six things I need. In my defense, apparently there is a town called Mela in France and Italy. I have also added the rest of the family. What do you need???

1. Mela needs
a nap!
2. Mela needs you
3. Mela needs to be done
4. Mela needs support from you
5. Mela needs to be stopped from happening again
6. Mela needs bigger home

1. Kyle needs help
2. Kyle needs a hot dog
3. Kyle needs friends
4. Kyle needs a Chiropractor
5. Kyle needs a bad guy to fight

1. Andrew needs
a life
2. Andrew needs a real dog (he would probably agree with that)
3. Andrew needs a job
4. Andrew needs
5. Andrew needs
all the prayers he can get

1. Jaedyn needs
a break from us
2. Jaedyn needs
3. Jaedyn needs
room to run around
4. Jaedyn needs a
little playground action
5. Jaedyn needs a
more powerful source
(Jaedyn's I had to change a couple of times to Jadyn and Jaeden)


KC Photo said...

What about a 47 inch LCD HDTV? What about a AppleTV? What about my MacBook????

Don't you need all those things also?

Michelle said...

Fun. I did it for everyone in our family. :)