Friday, July 17, 2009

silly stuff my kids do and say...

The other day my neighbor Melissa was over visiting and my kids and her daughter were outside playing (this is before it hit 110+ outside. Anyway, the kept turning on the water. I would go outside and get after them to turn it off. After the 4th time I walked outside and found the culprit, Jaedyn. I turned off the water and grabbed her to bring her inside to sit in time out. As I am doing this she is looking over at her friend and Andrew yelling, "Help me guys, help me!!" She is so stinkin' cute!

Well, I am still on bedrest so my wonderful in-laws decided to take the kids for the day. Papa Don (as Drew calls him) came to pick them up yesterday morning and went back to their home for breakfast. Then then decided to go to Fiesta Mall (haven't been there in AGES). The kids had a blast. They took them to the Disney store and Jaedyn bought pretty princess necklaces and Andrew bought more Lightning McQueen stuff. Later kept saying later, "I didn't know they had a Disney store at the mall!" Anyway, after Pizza and lemonade at the food court they headed home and Kyle stopped by after work to pick them up.

They came home and were all excited about there day, telling me about it. Drew told me, "I sure had a great day mom, but do you know what the best part of the day is?" What Drew? "Being home with you mom." I love my boy!

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Taylor Family said...

What cute, sweet kids you have! You must be a good mommy! :)