Sunday, August 19, 2007

24th of July Celebration

The 24th of July Celebration are always fun in small towns that are mostly populated with LDS or founded by the LDS.

John's is even more particularly fun. My sister Michelle and her family live up there, so Kyle and I decided to take the kids up there for the parade and the fun. My parents and my sister Tricia and her husband met us up there too. Here are pictures from the parade. Note the picture with Drew and the hand full of candy and the lolly pop in his mouth. The picture says it all. Parades in small towns are a lot of fun and we like the St. John's parade especially because they have the big fire trucks come through in the end and they spray water and the kids come running out to get soaked. In Fact , we have so much fun and the weather is just perfect (monsoon has kicked in by then) that we have invited ourselves next year!

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cdiddy said...

My son is serving a mission in St. Johns so I was just searching the web for 25th of July events in St. Johns and found your blog. Maybe you saw him today. His Blog address is below.