Thursday, August 2, 2007

Should I be concerned...

Should I be concerned that one of the words in my 19 month old daughters limited vocabulary is "Bob Bob" translation, Sponge Bob. She sees him or a picture of a hamburger and starts saying, "Bob Bob."


Anonymous said...

My Emily was the same and she did grow it out, now it is Dora and Diego (: I must say I am not a big fan of SpongeBob as I am still not sure if that show is for children.

Love you,

Stephanie said...

Um... Sorry! That would be my kids' influence huh? And I know you are torn between 2 thoughts here:
1. Do I stop this influence by giving up our date nights.
2. Do I turn the other cheek and still let my kids interact with the Littles (hence, still having date night)!
Rock and a hard place huh?! :)

Mela a.k.a. Domestic Diva said...

Actually, I am too blame. I think Sponge Bob is hilarious! I always said my kids would not watch Sponge Bob, but Jaedyn not sits with Drew and watches it! And then I find myself watching it too