Thursday, June 12, 2008

Andrew had his 4 year check up this week....

I took Drew to his 4 year check up this week. He actually loves going to the doctors, he likes climbing up on the table and the doctors and nurses talking to him (of course, he doesn't like the pokes a.k.a. shots).

Anyway, so this is how it went...

Drew had an ear infection over Memorial Day weekend. She checked his ears and the poor guy still has an ear infection in each ear, so she gave us a prescription for some stronger medicine. Because this is the 4th ear infection in the last 12 months and that is a lot for a 4 year old, he is being referred to an Ear nose and throat specialist.

As she was checking his heart, she discovered a slight (innocent as she called it) heart murmur (my older sister has this). She said that it is not serious but she just wants it confirmed and wants to make sure that it is not serious so she is also referring him to a cardiologist.

She also discovered that he has eczema on his back, so she also gave us a prescription for that.

His back has also been bothering him, my wonderful bro-in-law is a chiropractor and he has been helping with it and we have also been doing back exercises to help strengthen it and we have had x-rays as well, which i am trying to get into her office so she can take a look at.

Drew is fine of course during all this because he is getting a lot of attention from his doctor. She is a super sweet doctor and acts like she just adores Drew and he eats it up!

Anyway, after all this, in comes the nurse (I feel bad because these nurses are always the bad guys, the come in with the needles). Drew had to have FOUR shots, plus a prick in his finger to check his blood for anemia (that came back just fine by the way).

Earlier Drew kept saying he wanted ice cream and I kept telling him, after lunch. Well as I was wiping the tears from his eyes from all the pokes (shots), I told him we could go get ice cream for lunch.

Anyway, my thing is, isn't this a lot for a 4 year old? I know that there is nothing serious, but the poor guy has a lot going on right now. I am glad we are getting it all taken care of.


Nicole said...

I hope everything is fine with Andrew. I am dredding our 4 year old check up, Josh is one of those that has to be restrained to stay in the doc's office. Email me at, I will give you Cynthia's email address.

Smamy said...

I'm sure everything will be fine with Drew. How distressing for you though! (It's always harder or the mommies...) Dallin had a murmur of the same sort at his 3 year check up, but it's already gone. No sign of it since. Hope all goes well!

Heidi said...

That's very bizaar they would give him shots at the same time as he's fighting an ear want your system working at 100% when you get dropped down a few levels because of immunizations...that just doesn't make sense! I'm sorry - I hate when my kids get their shocks (as Brynn calls them!) Howie had to get tubes because of constant ear infections - and he didn't get his immunizations the first 15 months of life cause of his infections! Yep, they made up for it, never you fear! I hope his ear infection & eczema clear up quick!