Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tagged Again

Tagged Again!

Thanks Margo! :0)

1. Four places I have lived:

Pima AZ
St. Davids, PA
Globe, AZ
Avondale, AZ

2. Four shows I watch:

Desperate Housewives
Days of Our Lives (DVR it and watch it at night when the kids are sleeping)
Chuck (what happened to Chuck?)
Samantha Who? (Just discovering this one off of iTunes, does that count)

3. Four jobs I have had in my life:

Dairy Queen (in Globe)
Nanny (in PA)
SSSC (student loans)
R&R Pizza (helped my bro run it in Cottonwood)

4. Four places I have been:

Nauvoo, IL
Cleawater, FL (business trip when working at SSSC)

5. Four Blogs I read regularly:

KC Photo (my favorite)
Becky T (yup, look down below, i will be tagging you next)
Steph L (yup, you too!)
Of course, all my friends and families on my list

6. Four of my favorite foods:

Bean Burro's (not burrito, it's a burro and the best are from Globe, but Someburro's will work in a pinch if i am on the east side of the valley)
Cherries (I love fresh Cherries)

7. Four places I'd rather be right now:

In a nice cool (and by cool i mean not hot) place
San Diego
NYC (one of mine and Kyle's favorite places)
Taking a nap (does that count)

8. Four things I look forward to in the next year:

Loosing 40 more lbs!
Getting more diamonds for my ring (hint, hint, we will talk about that more later)

9. Four things I like to do in my spare time:

Playing with my Vinyl business stuff (that is a lot of fun)
Crossword Puzzles (the easy ones)

10. Four favorite things to do with kids/family:

Date night with Kyle
Taking the kids to the water park
Reading to them
Watching them grow up

Ok I tag Kyle, Becky, Steph, Lisa M and Heidi, oh and Tricia (maybe this way she will update her blog)


Mela said...
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Taylor Family said...

Thanks Mela. My first time to get tagged! :)

Nicole said...

Hey DOOL fan! We have that in common, John's new voice bugs the heck out of me. I am over his amnesia!

Heidi said...

I have to watch DOOLs - I haven't seen it in forEVAH. And ugh - you can't tag me, I barely have time to pee! Okay - I suppose I'll get around to it!