Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Who am I?

Who I am...

I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, and a friend. I am proud to be a mom. I love my husband and my children passionately and I am a stay at home mom and I LOVE it!! I am easy going. I am generally a happy person. I believe in God. I am grateful for the atonement, because I have certainly needed it throughout my life. I am grateful for a a church that excepts imperfect people, because I am so far from being perfect. I believe that we are here on this earth to be tested and tried and to learn and grow. I believe families can be together forever. I believe marriage should be between a husband and wife. I am conservative. Sometimes I like to listen to Rush, Hannity, and Beck. I have strong beliefs and I know others have different beliefs and that is OK. I don't like confrontation, but sometimes I say things before I think. Thank goodness for forgiving family and friends. I come from a family of farmers. My father was a pig farmer. I eat meat, some of my family hunts and they eat the meat they hunt. I have friends that don't believe the same way or live the same way I do and that is their choice but I don't think they are bad people. I am grateful that we all have freedom to choose how and what we believe. Sometimes I will post things that other people disagree with, in fact I have family that disagree with my thoughts too, but we still love each other and get along and like each other despite our thoughts. I am grateful and proud to be an American. Thank goodness for freedom of speech and freedom to go to church where and when we want to. I thank my Heavenly Father every Sunday that my family lives in a land where we are able to worship where we want. I try to read my scriptures and pray daily. I am trying to teach my children to do the same. I am trying to raise them with conservative values. I want them to grow up reading the Book of Mormon, The Bible and the other standard works. I want them to read other good books, and to read the classics. I want them to grow up learning about our past so they know how to live in the future.

I try to believe in the best of others. I don't like gossip. I try not to gossip and tend to stay away from people who do. I try not to judge, I don't have that right. We all make mistakes, none of us are perfect. We are all just trying to live the best life each of us knows how.

These are just my ramblings, This is who I am.

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Chris and Suzette said...

I love this Mela! I've thought a lot of times about putting something like this together but it never sounds as profound when I do it. It just sounds silly. So I've never done it. You inspire me. I love who you are :)