Friday, July 13, 2007

If You Build it, They Will Come

Ok, so around 1 1/2 to 2 years ago, as we were getting ready to move out to Buckeye, I was pretty excited! A small town, near the city... perfect!! I have the best of both worlds! When I found out that they would be building a Walmart, Linen's and Things, and Lowes in Buckeye, I was even more excited! Then I found out that they would be basically in my backyard! I don't want it that close! I could walk to it. That will bring in more traffic to our Sundance area then I really don't want.

Then they start clearing the land and buildings slowly start coming up. It was kind of fun, trying to figure out what building was for what store as we would drive down the road. it was fun finding out, cool they are putting in this store! wow, look how quick this one is being built.

Then Lowes opened! My DH Kyle and I were so excited. We wanted to go the day it opened up, on Sunday, but being the good LDS members that we are trying to become, we resisted. But we did drive through the parking lot and watched for a few minutes as people went in and out of the store.

Still other buildings are taking WAY to long to open. We drive by, there is a Peter Piper Pizza, a Petsmart, Wells Fargo, and a Cracker Barrell going in. But still only Lowes is open.

Then I went to a baby shower one day. Someone from Tonapah says, "Aren't you excited to have Walmart and all those other stores open up by your house?" "No!!" I said, "They are way to close to my house! Think of all the traffic it will bring to my area!"

But then as I am driving home, I drive slowly passed the stores... Anything new open??? Dang it, nothing yet.

A couple of weeks later I drive passed the Walmart. Oh my gosh, they are finally putting the parking lot in. It's about time!!! A week later, there are cars there! But it is only people working inside busily getting Walmart ready to open. They put paper over the entrances so you can't even see what is going on in the store. That's so rude! I keep looking to see if they have started filling the garden department with plants, I figure once they do that, it will be any day. I drive by this week! It looks like they are finally putting the plants in. I call Kyle at work, "Guess what!! I think they are putting the plants in at Walmart, it should be open soon." I don't think he was too thrilled with me to call him at work about Walmart. But it was a false alarm, it was the registers they are putting in.

As I am coming home from Fry's the other night, I decide to go drive through the Walmart parking lot to see what I can see. Not much, but I do notice they are opening a Payless shoe store down from Walmart!! Woo-hoo!!!

So as I am driving out of the Walmart parking lot, it dawns on me... I can't wait for Walmart to open!!

Hurry!! Hurry!! Hurry!

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Stephanie said...

I keep thinking ALL of this too! Well, except that it's too close to our house. Being a LITTLE further away than you I'm completely excited! I hear there's going to be a Chipotle! :) That's what I'm excited for. Out here in Buckeye we should take a fun poll - What are you most excited to have?! :) I think I'll post this question on CS! ;)
Call me on my cell phone if Walmart opens while we are gone!