Thursday, July 5, 2007

Most Important thing I Want My Daughter to Know

The Prophet Harold B. Lee said...
Who are you? You are daughters of the most noble lineage that ever came upon this earth.
More than that, you are all daughters of a heavenly power. May I, with that glimpse of understanding of who you are, paraphrase those words and say to you, children of Zion, daughters of noble lineage, I plead with you with all the power of my soul,
"Be loyal to the royal within you."

Daughter of a King

Words and Music by Jenny Phillips and Tyler Castleton

Do you wonder if He knows who you are?
Do you wonder if He knows the secret pleadings of your heart?
He has numbered every sand of the sea
And he longs for you to know that He believes… in you

Can you feel a quiet power from above?
Can you feel His strength surround you
when your own is not enough?
He has blessed you with his spirit from on high
And He longs for you to know it lives inside… of you

Oh, be true –

Daughter of a king,
The Father’s royalty
Heir to His divinity

He’s calling your name
To come and take your place before His throne
He has always known
What he created you to be
A daughter of a king

You hold the promises of all eternity
Rise to claim the noble birthright you were sent here to receive
He has loved you since you lived with Him before
Let Him lead you to the gifts He has in store… for you

Oh, be true –


Heidi said...

MELA! HEY!! Your kids are so beautiful - and SO big! DRATS, who authorized that?!

Fun to see the pictures!!

Shelley said...

Hey Mela, Love the lyrics to that song, I'm in YW in my ward, and I adore it! Hope you don't mind me posting and saying so. :) I found your blog from TLW. :D

Mela a.k.a. Domestic Diva said...

not at all. thanks for posting.