Wednesday, November 12, 2008

8 Things...

I was tagged by Michelle and Margo

8 television shows that I watch...... (ok, you get to find out all the bad TV shows I watch)
1. Days of Our Lives
2. Chuck
3. Biggest Loser
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Office
6. Dirty Sexy Money
7. Samantha Who
8. Everyday Entertaining (just started watching this one)

8 Favorite restaurants......
1. La Casita's (Globe Mexican food, the best Mexican food ever)
2. El Pollo Loco (The Crazy Chicken, as Drew would call it)
3. Mom's house (ok, i know it is not a restaurant, but there is nothing like going home to mom's home cooked meals)
4. Rubio's
5. Pei Wei
6. Quiznos
7. NYPD Pizza (the best calzones)
8. Macaroni Grill

8 Favorite Singers/Bands........
1. Hilary Weeks
2. Sugarland
3. George Strait
4. Toby Keith
5. Jack Johnson
6. Harry Connick, Jr.
7. Martina McBride
8. Rascal Flats

8 Books I have read.......
1. Twilight
2. Eclipse
3. New Moon
4. Breaking Dawn
5. All of the Great and Terrible Books, except for the 6th one
6. The Biography of Gordon B Hinckley
7. Harry Potter books
8. No One Can Take Your Place by Sheri Dew

8 things that happened yesterday.....
1. Took Drew to get his hair cut
2. Went to my 1st book club, it was a lot of fun, we talked about the book Twilight
3. Took the kids to Tastee Freez for dinner
4. Worked on my Vinyl Business. Made a really pretty sign
5. Downloaded Care Bear Movie for the kids to watch.
6. My friend Melissa came over.
7. Did the Wii Fit
8. Cleaned

8 things I am looking forward to.........

1. Losing 20 more lbs
2. Thanksgiving
3. Christmas
4. Losing 20 more lbs
5. Date night with my husband, even though we are babysitting this weekend i am looking forward to next weekends
6. Decorating the rest of the house
7. Seeing Drew go on a mission
8. Seeing my kids married in the temple to wonderful spouses who love them and love us and seeing them grow up to be good righteous people who love their Heavenly Father.

8 things I wish for....
1. A new President
2. The economy to be better
3. My kids to be happy
4. Have my year supply stocked up (Almost there :) )
5. My kids to not be afraid
6. To be able to sing!
7. To have bills paid off
8. A CLEAN house!

8 people I am tagging.....
1. Kyle
2. Andrea
3. Verlynne
4. Becky
5. Xela
6. April B
7. Nicole, ok, Nicole I know Michelle put you on the list too... (hint, hint)
8. Steph, I know, you probably won't do it but I am putting you on the list anyway :0)


Reeds said...

That was fun to read! You are so cute!

Heidi said...

Mela. tsk tsk can't OUT yourself on watching soap operas and smut! You're supposed to say that you keep your TV off - or on BYU TV all day long. When will you learn....?

Nicole said...

ok, ok, I got the hint.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a great blog you have here! Thanks for sharing :)

David and Wendy McMartin said...

Mela??!!!??? I'm really glad you found my blog because I think about you all the time and wonder how you are. How fun to see pictures of your cute family! You look great and happy. I love this blogging business. It's great fun to catch up with old friends and keep up with everybody.