Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bucket List

 I am soooo excited to have my kiddo's home for the summer.  We have some fun stuff planned.  We decided to make a "Bucket List" of activities to do.  I am sure we will add some and not do some.  I can't wait for them to be home!                                         

1.    Interview grandparents w/video camera. ) - Friend March 2012 

2.    Interview each child w/video camera. 5000 days project
3.    Fair

4.    Fly a Kite

5.    Go fishing

6.    Geocaching up North

7.    Grand Canyon

8.    Read stories to the kids (Boxcar Series)

9.    Play on the swingset

10.   Sleep at GramCs and Grandpas

11.   Sleep at Grammy and Grandpas

12.   Treasure Hunt

13.   Go Swimming (A Lot)

14.   Have sleepovers

15.   Library

16.   Buckeye activities

17.   Movie Theater

18.   Hikes

19.   Ride bikes

20.  Go for walks

21.   Wii tournaments 

22.  Fifty Nifty United States

23.  Camp in backyard.

24.  Roast Marshmallows

25.  Read books!

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Reeds said...

Sounds Great! I think I'll just copy your list :)