Friday, September 26, 2008

41 Reasons Why I love My Handsome Husband!!!

Happy Birthday to you!! Kyles birthday is today, I won't tell you how old he is but I bet you can figure it out...

1. He is so handsome!
2. He loves me.
3. He gives good back rubs.
4. He is the best husband.
5. He is the best dad.
6. He honors his Priesthood.
7. He is an excellent provider.
8. He is VERY smart.
9. He cracks up laughing at his own jokes. And he has to slap his leg when he busts up laughing.
10. He is forgiving.
11. He apologizes quickly.
12. He is a family man.
13. He loves to get down with the kids and play with them.
14. He loves my family.
15. He is VERY nostalgic (every time we go to his parents, as soon as we enter the neighborhood we have to take a trip down memory lane).
16. He has a very funny sense of humor.
17. He loves me fat or thin.
18. He thinks I am beautiful.
19. He is a hard worker.
20. He patiently let me buy countless numbers of bedding until I finally find the perfect one.
21. He is a good photographer.
22. He lets me decorate our home.
23. He is patient with me and my ideas.
24. We are best friends.
25. He would rather hang with me then anyone else.
26. He gets my gas for me.
27. I love his family.
28. He thinks he has the 2 cutest kids ever (and of course he is right).
29. He likes to snuggle with me.
30. Andrew
31. Jaedyn
32. He is so much fun!
33. He magnifies his calling
34. He brings me roses even when I don't deserve them.
35. He keeps my computer up and running and gets me cool toys for my computer.
36. He looks sexy in his truck.
37. I have faith in him.
38. He knew better then to buy the bigger house that the lender and developer told us we could buy and told them, "He didn't care what the credit report showed, this is all we will pay for a monthly payment." And he got a fixed interest and didn't get a payment that would balloon in 5 years. Thanks for thinking ahead!
39. He has faith in me.
40. He looks beyond the mess when I have just had way too much to do that day and it didn't all get done (which seems like everyday lately).
41. He is just as happy with a frozen meal as he is with a home cooked meal!

I love you Kyle. Thank you for being the one I want to spend ETERNITY with.


KC Photo said...

Just 41??!!

Just Kidding. I love you Mela with all my twisted heart. You are my best friend and the love of my life. I love my sweet children more than even my camera or my computer!

Mela said...

i could keep going. Next year you will get 42

Nicole said...

Ok. I didn't even get the 41 thing until Kyle gave it away. I guess I am not that observant. Mela, he sounds like a keeper. Good Choice!

Heidi said...

oh! Tell your old cuss HAPPY BIRTHDAY!