Friday, September 19, 2008

My sweet sweet boy

At Drew's 4 year check up they discovered that he had an "innocent" heart murmur. His pediatrician wanted to make sure it was just an innocent and not more serious so she set up an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist. The appointment wasn't set till September, so here we are. Here is Drew getting an EKG. He was kind of freaked out a little as you can tell by his face but he played it well. And I made a game of it. "Wow Drew, that is so cool!" "Oh my goodness, look at all that stuff on you!" "Let's take a picture and send it to daddy!" So here is a picture from my camera phone. Notice his train on the right, if you know Drew you know he LOVES trains!

If you don't know what a heart murmur is here is a little description:

A heart murmur is a noise that the blood makes as it flows through the heart. It's like the noise water makes when it flows through a hose. Heart murmurs are common in children and are usually harmless.

An innocent heart murmur does not pose a health threat. If your child has an innocent heart murmur, he or she can run, jump and play, with no limits on activity. Your child doesn't need to take any medicine or be careful in any special way.

This was taken from the

So anyway, things went well, the cardiologist agreed that, yes it was just and innocent heart murmur and they would see him in two years for another checkup. As we were walking out of the office I asked Drew what he thought about all of it and he said, "It tickled a little." Oh and he got to keep the "stickers" he had all over his chest and stomach! He thought that was cool!


Karyann said...

I totally had to post on yours because you posted on mine,! i recognize you so that is too funny! we will have to blog stock each other! I am sorry for your sweet little boy going through so much yuckiness... It is just awful the things we have to see our kids go through. Happy blogging!

Jon, Launa, & boys said...

Glad to hear things are fine. He is such a big boy now!

maryann said...

Hi...I am so glad I found your blog....via, my niece, via Margo, via Tricia, to YOU! I'm such a detective! We are trying to have a 20th class reunion, and are trying to contact classmates from the "good 'ol days"! We have a blog:
There was a great picture of you on the third grade float that Lisa Cramer posted, but it accidentally got she will post it again. We are trying to have a bbq in OCT, and even if you cant come it is fun to look at pics on the blog. email the class address is you want more info. YOUR family is SO cute! I didn't see a place to email you, so I hope you see this comment. I am glad your ilttle boy is OK.... THat would be scary!
Catch you later. MaryAnn Crockett Larson

Curtis Chicks said...

Hey Mela, I also stumbled on your blog!

I don't know if you remember me but I took your place at Impressive. You trained me for like 2 weeks and then we found out I think you used to be my ex-sister-in-law's roommate or something?

Anywhooo you have a GORGEOUS family congratulations!

Amy Curtis

Nicole said...

Poor Andrew, what a trooper he was to go through that test. I am glad everything is okay and you can take a deep breath!

Stephanie said...

I have to laugh at this picture though. You can see the tabs on his pants. You know, the ones that make the pants fit better. :) My kids have these on all their pants.