Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Andrew & Jaedyn

We went to Kyle's niece's baptism last month. We got to the church a little early. The kids where having fun posing for pictures. Jaedyn got her boots for her 2nd birthday from her Aunt Maren. i can't believe how big my kids are getting. Jaedyn is talking up a storm. She likes to tattle and she will come in telling me, "Mom, boy did it!" Boy is Andrew. Well the other day they were out swimming in one of those cheapy pools in our backyard. I had them come eat lunch. they were eating their lunch on their little picnic table, but they kept running over to the pool. I told them if they didn't come sit down and eat I was going to drain all the water out. They both didn't like that idea so quickly sat down and finished their lunch. Well after lunch they ended up going in the house instead of back to the pool. So I started draining the pool, Jaedyn walked out and saw me. She said, "Mom NO!" Then she ran in the house hawlering for her brother, "Boy! Boy!" I knew what was going to happen next. Andrew came walking back with her and she's pointing to the pool, "Mommy did it!" Yup, she was tattling on me.

Ok, i have to say that i think i have the cutest kids ever! But I guess I am a little partial, but they sure do make me smile!


Stephanie said...

I have to admit too, they really are SOME of the cutest kids ever!! Mine take the cake though! :) LOL JK!
I have to email you about Tomi and Livvy's discussion! :)
BTW, thanks again for the milk!

KC Photo said...

You have cute kids!!!