Friday, April 25, 2008

Checkout my new and improved Blog

Well thanks to some great friends and also an Enrichment activity last night, I am learning how to make "cute blogs." It is kind of fun and can be kind of addictive. I will post some links where you can find some cute made up pages of your own to do (Becky, I hope you don't mind if I copy them from yours)! I am sure I am not done and I will probably change this 100 times, but right now I MUST bath, dress, and feed the kids and fold this pile of laundry that is, unfortunately, calling my name.



Becky Taylor said...

Love the new look Mela! Good job! You have my permission to copy anything you want from me (as long as I can copy from you too!) ;)

Stephanie said...

LOVE it!!!! Those are my all-time favorite flowers - Frangipani! :) You made me super happy today. OH, and the fact that it's date night. Yippeeee!

Are you starting on DigiScrapping before the Enrichment night in May? I have Software if you want to download it onto your computer. A friend of mine has it now but I'll be getting it from her Sunday evening.

Or you could use PhotoShope - that's what Becky uses.

Well, I'll see you tonight.
PS Thanks for letting me go with you last night. I owe you for gas!

Heidi said...

bright! Looks great! You're good - I have my friend do mine! I'm askeerd of programing!

KC Photo said...

Wow... I love the look of your new blog. You are truly the coolest!