Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jaedyn did her own hair the other day

Jaedyn did her own hair the other morning. when i told her I needed to do her hair, she touched her hair and said "Mom,Pretty!" as if to say, "Mom, I already did my hair!" So of course, I had to let her leave it that way. She is getting so much fun. we are starting to have conversations. She is such a cutie! and such a girl!! The picture up top, she had just had lunch so still has peanut butter all over her face. sorry the pictures aren't too clear, these were taken with my cell phone.


Becky Taylor said...

Mela, Camille is starting to try out the brush on her hair already! It's so fun having a girl! Hey, I copied you and put a weight loss ticker on my blog too. Congrats, I saw that you lost a couple more pounds! WOOHOO! Exciting isn't it? :)

Rachel Evans said...

Oh she is so cute! I want a little girl so that I can play with her hair! And I love the flower too!